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In today’s tough economy, many people look at every purchase option when buying household items such as washing machines, cookers and fridges.

I believe manufacturers realise that most consumers look at the price before the quality and build their appliances accordingly and this is why appliances wouldn’t last 20 years anymore!

It’s not different for printer manufacturers, you can buy an amazing printer that does literally anything and everything you’ll ever need but you need a mortgage for the replacement inks and the manufacturer’s ink is the only one that works properly and a complete set of colours are more than the actual printer, you get the point!

An appliance 20 years ago would probably still be going today, and an appliance from 24 months ago is probably sitting in a landfill site!

Some of these tweaks made by manufacturers are aimed at and trying to make it impossible for third-party engineers like me to fix your appliance, they want to charge more, and have you use them. The most common issue with washing machines is bearings so why would you seal them into a drum unit? This in the past was a simple fix but now almost impossible on some washing machines! Many manufacturers have added software so you cannot go to a third party to fix it as you need a special program to reset the fault codes. Of course, they are trying to protect their income but should a customer who has bought a machine be almost ransom to who repairs their machine? Apple is very much like this with their devices so your options are very limited both with repair and software choice.

Let’s look at the facts about buying a second-hand appliance.

Parts for machines are not as easy to come by anymore. In the past, it was easy and cheap to find an extra drum or bearings for your machine. However, it is no longer so easy to find these parts. If you are not a dealer like us or have connections with one, it can be very difficult and expensive to track down the part you need. It is often cheaper to find a repair company to fix your machine, and safer if you don’t know what you are doing. You might buy a part from eBay that looks like what you want but has a slight difference, is it worth the risk of doing it yourself? 

For an individual, refurbishing an appliance is going to be expensive. If you are interested in buying a second-hand appliance, make sure you buy from a trusted seller or ask someone like us for advice on makes and models we would be happy to advise you if you have something in mind. We might also know of a machine someone might be selling or have a track record of calls for the particular model you’re considering.

It can be tempting to follow up on ads you see offering unbelievable deals. Make sure you are alert to deals that are too good to be true. If someone is offering a reconditioned washing machine or luxury fridge freezer for £10, what is wrong with it exactly and why are they selling it? The cost of pretty much any repair would equal or exceed £50, so it could be well worth it if you then had an appliance that would last a few years.

When you use a repair company such as ours, we can often fix your machines for less than it is to buy a decent second-hand one. However, we will give you an honest evaluation of whether or not your machine is worth fixing or if you should buy a new one. let us help you decide?

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